New Year, New ‘Challenge’

Last Sunday – 12/29/13 – I joined in on a Twitter Chat #Caedchat (California Education Chat). If you haven’t stopped by to check it out, you should. Every Sunday at 8 PST. Anyway, the topic was looking back at the past year. One question asked for us to share out our ‘Reflection’ blog for 2013. A surprising number of us didn’t have anything to share. Not that we don’t blog, we just hadn’t written our reflections for the year. Which then led to Karl Lindgren-Streicher (@LS_Karl aka #MrBeanBagHoggerPants), stating that there needs to be more educators blogging. He was right!

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk via Compfight cc

Which leads me to my new ‘challenge’. Again on Twitter, I noticed that Karl supported a new blogger, Trisha Sanchez (@techishtrish), by tweeting out her first blog post. I went to her post and began reading. It was a great reflection of her year – and what a wonderful year it was! I then Tweeted out to her, and began following her on Twitter. And through the power of Twitter, Donnie Piercey (@MrPiercey) got in on the action. His simple comment of needing to blog began an avalanche of comments and our ‘challenge’ – who can blog the most (#TeacherBlogContest).

Game on! The four of us are fairly competitive, so be on the lookout for our posts and tweets. You can follow our hashtag, yes we decided on a hashtag, #TeacherBlogContest. We’re figuring it all out as we go, and it’s sure to be great fun. AND if you want to join us, we welcome it! No matter what, we encourage everyone to blog more in 2014.


  • Begins January 1, 2014
  • Ends January 31, 2014
  • If successful, may go into the next month
  • Most posts wins (Posts need to be meaningful, helpful, or informational)
  • This post is an example of one that will count
  • This is a post that would NOT count, Thanks Mr. Piercey for the example 😉
  • Winner gets bragging rights
  • Winner may get a badge if one is made
  • Tutorial Videos count

Blog on!