Presentation Background Image

I have previously blogged about how to change the background color of a Google Presentation Slide Template. So this time, let’s take it up a notch. Let’s add a background image to your Slides!

To begin, open Presentation, and choose ‘Simple Light’ as your template. Then from the tool bar, choose ‘Background’.


background 1


background 2

For this example, we will focus on uploading an image from your computer.

Background 3


You can either drag the image or choose to upload from where the image is stored. Let’s look at how to upload the image.

Background 4

When I choose the blue ‘Choose an Image to upload’, a pop-out window appears. Mine automatically shows everything on my desktop (1.). I can also choose a different location on my computer (2.). The image I desire is on the desktop (3.), therefore, I choose it, and scroll down to the ‘open’ button (or I can double click the desired image).

Background 5


I am then given the option to add the image to current slide (1.) or to add image to all existing slides (2.).

background 6


And there you have it, a unique background to your Presentation!

background 7

Google Presentation Background

So, say you like a particular Theme in Google Presentation, but not the color. Well, that is an easy fix!

1. Choose the desired Theme. For this example, I chose ‘Label’.

pic 1







2. Just above the slide, there is a toolbar. One of the options is ‘background’. (NOTE: be sure that the slide is selected – on left – NOT a space on the actual slide, otherwise you will not be able to see this option.)

pic 2







3. A pop-out window will appear. This is where you can select a new color.

pic 3







4. Select ‘Apply to all’ in order to have a uniform looking presentation. Then select the blue ‘Done’ button, and viola you have customized the Presentation Theme.

pic 4





pic 5