New Google Sites Part 11: Preview, Share, Publish

Finally, you have your site ready to launch, but first, you want to make sure it looks great to your viewer. Not a problem. Google allows you to preview your site. Check out what viewers with large screens, tablets, and even phones will see. Unlike the old Google Sites where there could be more than one owner, the New Google Sites allows for only one owner, but transfering ownership is still a snap!

New Google Sites Part 10: Components

Wowwy, Wow, Wow! I love Google! I know that Part 10 is coming before Part 9 (scheduled to post later). However, when I was preparing the original Part 10 (Preview, Share, Publish – now Part 11), I noticed a new feature: Components. Right now there is just a divider bar, but I suspect that Google will add more Components later. I was so excited I HAD to make Components Part 10!