Google Presentation Background

So, say you like a particular Theme in Google Presentation, but not the color. Well, that is an easy fix!

1. Choose the desired Theme. For this example, I chose ‘Label’.

pic 1







2. Just above the slide, there is a toolbar. One of the options is ‘background’. (NOTE: be sure that the slide is selected – on left – NOT a space on the actual slide, otherwise you will not be able to see this option.)

pic 2







3. A pop-out window will appear. This is where you can select a new color.

pic 3







4. Select ‘Apply to all’ in order to have a uniform looking presentation. Then select the blue ‘Done’ button, and viola you have customized the Presentation Theme.

pic 4





pic 5

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Recently I have begun to incorporate projects more and more into my classroom. The latest was ‘Shop ‘Til You Drop’. This activity gave students real-world experience adding and subtracting decimals (This is a 5th grade Common Core Standard – NBT.7). It also incorporates 4 other Common Core Standards. It was a project that my partner teacher found online. And like any good teacher, I have had time to reflect on the project; take note of what went well, and what I will do differently next time.

Schöne Geschenke
Photo by via wiki commons


What went well:

  • Students begged to work on the project.
  • Students took the assignment seriously.
  • Students asked for help with subtracting across zeros – I need to go back and reteach.
  • Students helped one another solve problems and find gifts.
  • Many quality presentations were made.
  • Many students viewed their project on the TV, seeking feedback.
  • Students took feedback and made adjustments – even after their presentation was given.
  • Templates were used and modified.

Things that need improving:

  • Work space on paper (just to make sure they’re not using a calculator).
  • Rubric/Scale that fits my needs – Marzano based.
  • Give more time. Took longer than I anticipated.
  • Ask what student would do with left over money. While some volunteered this information, many did not. It wasn’t something that I thought about until one student shared her thoughts – she wanted to donate the rest to a charity.

And because I am a firm believer in sharing, here is the lesson – templates included. I have included the NETS-S as well. Feel free to share, modify, and use.