Google Classroom – Part 3

Now that you’ve set up your Classroom and created an assignment, what do the students do and see?

The Student Perspective:

Students can either enroll themselves by inputting a Class Code or teachers automatically enroll them. Currently students are NOT notified when they are enrolled in a class, if the teacher automatically enrolls them.

Classroom S15

When a student first opens up their Classroom, it will look very much like the teacher Stream view, with a few differencesClassroom S2


The students will also be able to see who is in their class.

Classroom S3

See and Comment on Announcements:

Classroom S4


Classroom S5


If the student needs to create the assignment – meaning the teacher did not create a document and share with student(s) – They have several options in which to upload or create.

Classroom S6      Classroom S7                                                             Classroom S8


If the student has a question or comment, it can be made in this stream privately.

Classroom 9

IF the teacher shared a document with the student(s), then the document title can be chosen and it will open in a new window. The student(s) can then edit in that document. Once the assignment is completed, the student can turn in the document from the Assignment Page.

Classroom S10

Classroom S11

If the student realized that they made a mistake, they can ‘Unsubmit’ the assignment.

Classroom S12

Viewing Score:

Once the teacher has graded the assignment, it will be ‘Returned’ to the student. The student will have full editing rights (the teacher will be given commenting rights). They can view the score and any comments in My Assignment page. When the student views the score from their Assignment Details page, they will only see comments made to the entire class. Private comments between the teacher and student are on My Assignments page. Classroom S13



When the student has submitted an assignment, it will be noted in their Stream.

Classroom 14

Other Information:

If an announcement or assignment is created while the student is in the Class, a notification appears.

Classroom S14



When an Announcement or Assignment is created, the student will receive an email notification.

Classroom S1


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