Google Classroom – Part 4

Grading Assignments:

In your stream, you can easily view returned assignments. Either choose the title of the assignment or ‘Turned In’. The left sidebar will show all upcoming assignments as well.

Classroom RA1

Classroom RA10

Student Submission Page:

This allows you to view the status of all students’ assignments, private conversations with students, set point value, grade, and return assignments.

Classroom RA2


Private Conversation:

If the student has a comment or question, they can easily talk with you about it privately.

Classroom RA3

Classroom RA4

Scoring and Returning:

Classroom RA5


Classroom RA6

Classroom RA9


In Google Drive:

When you create a class, or students are enrolled in a class, Google automatically creates a Classroom Folder in your, and the student’s, Drive.

Student’s Drive:

In the Classroom Folder, the student is enrolled in 1 class, Class Demo 1. Whenever an assignment is created, it is automatically placed in this folder.

Classroom RA7

Teacher’s Drive:

In addition to the Classroom Folder and the Class Folder, teachers will also find that each assignment has a folder (within the assigned class) and a Templates Folder. The Templates Folder is a collection of all Google Created assignments for that class.

Classroom RA8


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