Table of Contents – Google Docs

This year I had my 5th graders writing their state reports in Google Docs. One of their tasks was to create a Table of Contents. Normally this is painful – mainly for me. While they understand the concept, they often list ALL the pages in a topic. This year I avoided that by using the Table of Contents feature in Google Docs. It was ridiculously easy!

In their state report they changed the text of each heading from ‘Normal Text’ to¬†‘Heading 1’

toc 1

toc 2

Repeat this process for all sections that need to be added to the Table of Contents. Once you have done this, you can now insert the Table of Contents. Go to the Table of Contents page and place the cursor where you would like the Table of Contents to be submitted. Then insert your Table of Contents.

toc 3

This is what you get. You have hot links to the different sections in a document.

toc 4