Insert Calendar Into Site

Recently I was asked if you could insert a SECOND calendar into a Google Site. The answer is YES!

Create a New Calendar

The process is simple. First, CREATE the new calendar. Make sure that the calendar is created in the same account that the Site is associated with. Choosing the arrow to the right of ‘My Calendars’ will give you the option to create a new calendar.

pic 1

This will take you to a new page where you will name your new calendar (1.). If you would like your calendar public, which you probably do if it’s on a website, be sure to choose the  “Share with Others’ then ‘Make This Calendar Public’ options on the page (2.). Once you have set up your calendar, remember to ‘Create Calendar’ (3.).

pic 2

Your new calendar will now appear under ‘My Calendars’ on your Google Calendars Page.

pic 3

Now you are ready to insert information on your new calendar.

Insert New Calendar Into Google Site

Locate the Site and Page you would like to insert your new calendar. Enter ‘Edit Mode’ on the Site – choose the pencil icon at the top right of the page (or press e on the keyboard).

pic 4

This will then bring up editing options. Find ‘Insert’, then ‘Calendar’.

Pic 5

A new window will appear, choose the desired Calendar. Then, choose the blue ‘Select’ button. From here, a new screen will pop up. This will allow you to set the properties of the calendar on your Site. Remember to choose the red ‘Save’ button when you are done.

pic 6

pic 7

Now that you have inserted your new calendar, remember to ‘Save’ the page (located at the top right of the page). You will now see your new calendar.

pic 8