Recently, I became aware of an AMAZING Chrome Extension: Draft Back. Veronica Tadeo (@MsTadeo) introduced me to this. It’s simple, it plays back your, or your students’, Google Docs.

Once the Extension is installed, you will see a Draftback button next to the Share and Comment button on the top right corner.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 6.39.37 PM

Once the function is selected, it creates a playback. Choose ‘View’. Once selected, a new tab will appear with the playback.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 6.42.38 PM

You can see that at one point I copied and pasted text. Pretty cool, right?




A Few Of My Favorite Extensions

Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary allows you to look up a word on any webpage quickly.

Too Many Tabs

Too Many Tabs allows you to manage your tabs. Can make tabs ‘idle’ and view how many tabs are open.

One Tab

One Tab is similar to Too Many Tabs. With one click, all your tabs are condensed into one list with hyperlinks.


Adblock blocks ads on webpages thus optimizing your browsing experience.


Goo.gl is a Google URL shortener. It also creates a QR Code for the webpage.


Diigo allows you to archive, annotate, and bookmark any webpage. Diigo is accessible from anywhere.


Feedly is my favorite RSS Reader. I can easily follow new posts on my favorite blogs.

Google Cast

Google Cast is a must for anyone with Chromecast. Google Cast allows you to send content from your phone, tablet, or computer to your TV.


CollorZilla identifies any color on any webpage; gives the hex code and keeps a history of identified colors.

Move It

Move It is a fun extension. You set the intervals at which an exercise challenge will appear on your screen.

Add This

Add This is a new favorite of mine. Have you ever stumbled across a great website that you wanted to share? Then you needed to copy and paste the link to Facebook, GMail, Twitter, or where ever. Skip that with Add This. Automatically lets you share a site to the media of your choice.


Clearly cleans up posts, blogs, and articles. Read without the clutter.


WhatFont can identify any font on any website. Great for design purposes, or the curious.


Snagit Extension in conjunction with the App is perfect for any classroom. It allows the user to do screen captures – video and pictures. Automatically saves to your Google Drive.

Techie Chicks Chrome Extension

My students think BIG! I have a group of 5th grade girls that created a website. I know you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, so what? Lots of kids create websites.” And you’re right – which is totally rockin’! But do they have a Chrome Extension in the Chrome Webstore? Mine do.

Techie Chicks ExtensionBackground

I do Genius Hour in my class each Friday. In the beginning of the year, a group of girls decided to do a website with tutorials. They named themselves ‘Techie Chicks’, inspired, in part, by this blog ‘NowaTechie’. Each week they decide what they would like to show the world how to do something techie. So far they have focused on a variety of tools. They have also become ‘known’ at my school. It’s not uncommon for teachers (and sometimes the Principal) to call asking for a Techie Chick or two for tech support.

Chrome Extension

One week Sabi asked if there was an easy way for others to get to their website. I said to bookmark it. She was not having that. I told her that we already set up a bit.ly for the site. You guessed it, still wasn’t good enough for her. Then she asked, “No, can we have an Extension or something?” See, they think big and don’t settle for less than what they’ve imagined. A week or so prior to Sabi’s insistence, I read how Alice Keeler got an extension for her website via fiverr. So that Friday during Genius Hour, we sent off their order.

By Monday they had their own Chrome Extension in the Chrome Store. We were all pretty excited. And now my students are officially WAAAAY cooler than me.

Side Note

Flynntes was great to work with. Advertised the product would take 7 days, had it in 4 days. The ‘Enter Site’ image was all Flynntes. It was a great experience!

Move It – In the Classroom

Move It ExtensionOver the summer, Alice Keeler, wrote about the fabulousness that is Move It – a Chrome Extension. In short, you can set a timer for regular intervals at which time a screen appears prompting you to exercise. The activities are quick and vary from rubbing your left arm with your right hand to 10 jumping jacks to taking deep breaths (and so many more). I began using it, as I have a tendency to sit at my computer and work for hours on end. I found it to be refreshing and really enjoyed the breaks.

I have always liked the idea of ‘Brain Breaks’ and often tried to incorporate them into my classroom. The problem was that I often forgot and got sucked up into whatever lesson we were doing. Now, the beauty of this extension is that the suggested activity is on a timer, and takes over your whole screen. I CAN’T ignore it!

So starting on the first day of school, I set the intervals at 15 minutes, turned on the projector, and Moved! Now being the first day of school, we were in our ‘Honeymoon’ period. You know that time when everyone is on their best behavior. So the first time it appeared, the students weren’t sure what to make of it. I read it aloud, and told them to stand up and do the activity (touch right hand to bottom of left foot, then left hand to bottom of right foot 10 times). Most thought it was fun, a few were still a little shy. However, as the day progressed, they were all more than eager to do the activities.

There are so many benefits to this: movement gets the blood flowing, blood brings oxygen to the brain, oxygen is good, it breaks up the monotony of the day, and…It’s fun! I HIGHLY recommend this for ALL classrooms.Move It Activity

Webpage Screenshot (Repost)

Reposting: This is one of my favorite Chrome Extensions. It’ll WOW you every time.

Webpage Screenshot is a wonderful Chrome Extension. It allows you to edit information on a webpage. Great for summarizing, finding the topic, defining words in context clues, and so much more. Check out this video I made. It’s easy to use and has many classroom applications. What will you use it for?