Techie Chicks Chrome Extension

My students think BIG! I have a group of 5th grade girls that created a website. I know you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, so what? Lots of kids create websites.” And you’re right – which is totally rockin’! But do they have a Chrome Extension in the Chrome Webstore? Mine do.

Techie Chicks ExtensionBackground

I do Genius Hour in my class each Friday. In the beginning of the year, a group of girls decided to do a website with tutorials. They named themselves ‘Techie Chicks’, inspired, in part, by this blog ‘NowaTechie’. Each week they decide what they would like to show the world how to do something techie. So far they have focused on a variety of tools. They have also become ‘known’ at my school. It’s not uncommon for teachers (and sometimes the Principal) to call asking for a Techie Chick or two for tech support.

Chrome Extension

One week Sabi asked if there was an easy way for others to get to their website. I said to bookmark it. She was not having that. I told her that we already set up a for the site. You guessed it, still wasn’t good enough for her. Then she asked, “No, can we have an Extension or something?” See, they think big and don’t settle for less than what they’ve imagined. A week or so prior to Sabi’s insistence, I read how Alice Keeler got an extension for her website via fiverr. So that Friday during Genius Hour, we sent off their order.

By Monday they had their own Chrome Extension in the Chrome Store. We were all pretty excited. And now my students are officially WAAAAY cooler than me.

Side Note

Flynntes was great to work with. Advertised the product would take 7 days, had it in 4 days. The ‘Enter Site’ image was all Flynntes. It was a great experience!