Create a Folder In ‘Drive’

In order to help you stay organized it is highly recommended that you create folders in your Google Drive. This is a very easy process.

From Chrome

Folder 1

Folder 2


Once there, you will see a red ‘Create’ rectangle. Click on that and you will see your options. Choose ‘Folder’.


You will then name your folder


This folder will appear in your ‘Drive’ in the list located to the right. Once you have your folder created you can then place items into that folder. To do so, locate the file you wish to move. check the box to the left. This method allows you to choose as many files as you’d like to move at once. Then at the top of this window you will see a folder icon. Click on the icon and check the folder you would like to place your item. Remember to ‘Apply changes’ and you’re done. Yup, it’s that simple!



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