Google Teacher Academy

Well, I have just submitted my application for Google Teacher Academy New York 2012. As I was filling out the application and working on the 1 minute video I was nervous. However, that is nothing as to what I feel now…Super nervous! Then some self doubt entered. That was so not nice or welcomed! That silly little voice that says, “Google wants someone who can reach large crowds. You don’t.”

To that voice I say, “QUIET! I did more with 3rd graders than most teachers do with middle school kids 😛 I am an amazing teacher!”

Then that silly little voice says, “Good point.”

So all that aside, I’m nervous, but hopeful. I am a tech savvy teacher. I do amazing things in technology with 3rd graders. Now that I am going to 5th grade, the possibilities seem endless! My brain is spinning with all the project based learning that will happen.

Oh, and here is that video…

One thought on “Google Teacher Academy

  1. Lisa August 8, 2012 / 11:04 pm

    Sadly, I didn’t get accepted…This time 😉

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