CUE RockStar – Tahoe Edition

One of the best features of CUE RockStar events are the small sessions. Because the sessions are generally 10:1 – or smaller in some cases – AND 2 hours, attendees truly get individualized attention. Everyone gets to experience the tools and ideas first hand while surrounded by knowledgable educators. The energy in the sessions is amazing. We are all learning from one another!

For me, one of the most memorable sessions was one in which a high school teacher was inspired to recreate her assessments. She had her students reading The Glass Menagerie. After discussing different tools, she decided to play around with Animoto. One thing led to another and soon her excitement let to a whole new way of assessing her students on the book. She created a video for her students to watch. From here, her students will respond to the prompt creating a video using Animoto! It was such an awesome idea, and she was so enthusiastic and inspiring I just had to share this story.

This is why I LOVE CUE RockStar!

Unfortunately, I do not have the teacher’s example, but I do have an example of something that my students created on Animoto.

Tulare RockStar Day 1

Awesome Day! It began with the introduction of Techie Fairy Godmother (that would be me) bestowing a bit of ‘Magic & Wisdom’ during the morning’s shred session.IMG_1430


The room was filled with eager educators, a puppet (Wokka), a robotic ball, and enthusiasm.

This week begins what I have dubbed ‘CUE RockStar 2014 Edition’. Today Tulare (known as Rural RockStar) and Monterey kicked off the season. Judging by how AWESOME today was, this is going to be an EPIC RockStar year! Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted.

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Central Coast Teacher Tech Challenge Day

It may be gray and dreary outside, but inside Cal Poly’s Cotchett Education Building the ideas are shining! Today is Central Coast Teacher Tech Challenge Day (#ccttcd2014). What an awesome day!

The day began with Holly Clark giving us an inspirational talk. She challenged us to actively engage ALL students. She reminded us that engaged students are talking, moving, collaborating. Holly also brought up the fact that collaboration isn’t Student A does part 1, Student B does part 2, and then coming together to report out the information. Collaboration is working TOGETHER on a joint project. A great example she cited was Mystery Skypes/Hangouts. Students work together, as a class, to discover where in the US another class might be.

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by Langwitches

We then went off to our sessions. What made this different from others I have been to, is that 1 session contained 2 presentations. The presentations were paired to compliment one another. My first session was on Blogging. I was paired with Teacher Hovey and Teacher Townshead, who shared about music in the classroom, and the different tools that could be used. Each presentation lasted about 20 min, with 10 min at the end for Q & A.

Finally Dr. Beverly Young spoke about CCSS and Next Generation Science Standards. A brief history of the new standards was given. She went on to state that assessment should be an extension of the learning process, this is what SBAC was designed to be. Dr. Young pointed out that students will be tested on a new assessment based on a curriculum in which they have had little experience with (1 year in many cases). She posed the question, how long will it take us to see the results of CCSS curriculum?

All in all, I LOVE hanging out with Ed Tech folks. It energizes and inspires me. It makes me happy, and remind me that I’m not alone!