CUE RockStar & Lego Movie Maker

This week has been a wonderful experience. I have had the pleasure to meet some AMAZING educators. I LOVE being around so many like minded educators. Today I was excited to show others about Lego Movie Maker. It’s an iPod app, but can be used on the iPad.  My students introduced me to this App last year when they decided to start making stop animation movies.

After an epically disastrous start (which I take blame for), the room was soon abuzz with laughter, excitement, and creativity. Some ideas for classroom uses were: illustrate vocabulary, create scenes from a book, illustrate the rock cycle, and show plate tectonics.

Here is an example by Cathy Lien and Lori Booy from Heideman Elementary, TUSD. They decided to show their principal that sending them to the conference was a GREAT idea, as they were learning a lot.

This example by Jen Alcazar was a quick example of how to use it in her high school class to help engage students in vocabulary.

I would like to thank all the educators today for a fun and productive day. I learned so much from all of you and your ideas.

Our notes and ideas:

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