I am on my third, and final week, of Winter Break. Yes, I get 3 weeks off. I LOVE it! The time off has given me time to regroup, recharge, and realign my focus.

giphySo… Next week when I am back with my students I am ready to go! No, really I am. I have some exciting lessons, well, I think they’re exciting. And there are some big changes. One of the biggest changes coming up is that I will go back to teaching all the subjects. For the last year and a half, my partner teacher and I have done a partnership with our classes. However, due to forces outside our control this year, it just wasn’t working. Another change is my attitude towards classroom decorating. In the past, I have been lazy. I have had no desire to create that ‘cutesy’ type classroom. I filed it under, ‘just not my style’. What I really should have been saying is, ‘Ugh, that takes so much energy’. Apparently, I have found said energy. I plan to ‘cutesify’ my room. It will begin with a stool painting project. I then plan to paint other furniture in the room AND attempt to do something with the 1980’s metal blinds. Yup, my next few months of Genius Hour are packed!

Then there is the curriculum. There are some exciting learning opportunities happening there too. One such project will be A Tale Unfolds. Students will read, write, produce, video, and star in their own movie. This will start in a few weeks. I’ll keep you posted on this activity. Before that, we need to edit our NaNoWriMo Stories. My hope is to publish an anthology of their stories. I mean, how cool is it that they will be published authors at the age of 11?

So in short, I’m super excited to see what the rest of our year has in store for us! THIS has been an amazing break.

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