Google Classroom: Reuse a Post

Many teachers need to reuse an Assignment or Announcement throughout the year. This most often occurs when a teacher is teaching the same course but in different semesters. This could occur from year to year in a self-contained classroom as well. The process to reuse a post is rather simple.

reuse 1

This will bring up a pop-out window. You will be able to choose from ALL classes, current and archived, in which to find your Announcement or Assignment.

Reuse 2

Once in the class selected, locate the post which you will be reusing. If it is a new semester or new group of students, you will want to make sure that the box on the bottom, ‘Create new copies of all attachments’ is check marked. Conversely, if the group of students already has a copy of the attachments, uncheck mark the box. The press ‘Reuse’.

reuse 3

Once you select the Announcement or Assignment, it appears in a pop-out window giving you all the usual options: attachments, assign to several classes at once, and save as draft or post immediately.

Reuse 4

NOTE: If you are Reusing a Post from the same, one that has been buried in the stream, try moving the post to the top of the stream.

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