Google Classroom & PBS Learning Media

For those of you not familiar with PBS Learning Media, check it out! It has some really great resources for you and your students. Recently, my students began learning about Hernan Cortes and Montezuma. I am using Google Classroom to compile and share resources for their project (poetry slam or rap about one or the other. I’m really excited about it). One of the resources I came across was on PBS Learning Media. It was a short video on Cortes and his conquests, including Montezuma. This is when I discovered that I can share directly to Google Classroom! Without copying/pasting the link. Use your Google Apps for Education account (your school account). Check this out: Find the desired resource, click on the ‘Share’ button, then locate ‘Classroom’.


A pop-out window appears where you choose the desired class to share the resource with.


Once the class is chosen, choose ‘Assignment’ or ‘Announcement’. Then, post or save as draft.




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