Online Homework

Don’t shoot! I know, I said the dreaded ‘H’ word… Homework. So yes, I give homework: read 20 pages and write a summary, 2 math problems (review of previously taught material), Mangahigh, and play outside for 30 minutes.

At first I thought I was pretty slick assigning homework online (I have a paper option for students without Internet access. Most come in early to complete the Mangahigh portion). I would routinely check their work online and in class together. Then it became apparent (okay, I was a little slow on this one) that I was missing the feedback step.

In order to change this, I use a combination of steps to allow students access to their work, with my feedback included. First, I set up a Google Form that I use for the entire week. This way, I just need to change the 2 math questions daily. However, I can’t just ‘edit’ the problems I have to ‘duplicate’ then ‘delete’ the original. Otherwise, I delete the original problem, and that sort of defeats the purpose of giving feedback if they don’t know what the problem was.

It’s not perfect and I’ll probably change it in a few months with a better system, but for now it works. I also set it up at the beginning of the week so that each time there is a response it auto updates. (Note: I turn row-call off when I’m responding.)

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