Google Classroom: Mute a Student

Last night I was fortunate enough to share the awesomeness that is Google Classroom with the IEC (Innovative Educators Certification) class – put on by CUE and Fresno Pacific University. One of the more convenient features is the ‘Mute a Student’ choice. Generally I allow my students the ability to post and respond in the Stream. However, there have been a few cases in which I needed to Mute a student. In the past, I located the student on the ‘Student’ page and muted them from here.

Mute 1

However during last night’s class, we discovered that a student can be muted from the Stream. If a student posts a comment on an Announcement, Assignment, or questions, there is now the option to Mute the student from here. In addition, if a student creates a post the teacher can Mute the student from here.

On the post or comment from the student 3 vertical dots appear. Choosing that will bring up the option to either Delete the comment or Mute the student. Choosing to Mute a student then brings up a pop-out window to which allow the teacher to also delete the comment if necessary. This will prevent the student from commenting or posting throughout the classroom until the teacher ‘Unmutes’ the student.

Mute 2

Mute 3

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