Google Scholar

Recently my dad called, what he calls Google, (that would be me, the one with a computer) to do some research on a procedure for him. I started by doing my regular search on Google ‘Web’ when I quickly decided that I wanted something a little more scientific. This is when I switched over to Google Scholar.
Google Scholar logo
What is Google Scholar? Well, it’s ‘scholarly literature’. It takes out all the blogs, ads, and propaganda and only shows ‘scholarly research’. Since my dad was interested in a medical procedure, I figured looking at the raw data and statistics was better than looking at what the medical companies had to say.

Why talk about Google Scholar? I figure it’s one of those lesser known Google tools. It’s great for high school students and beyond. Since you can use various filters, it won’t be hard to find the information you are searching for. I’m sure when I begin my next Master’s program, this will become one of my best friends!

Filters available with Google Scholar:

scholar 1

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