Student Videos

Since I first went to CUE in Napa Valley in 2011, I have been integrating student videos into my routine. I often have students create their own tutorials which I then post on my class website for all. This serves two purposes for me. First, I don’t have to make a tutorial for students to refer to with key concepts. Secondly, I use the tutorials as unobtrusive assessments. Today, this was a very valuable lesson for me. I sent two top students out to create a video on multiplying with decimals. They proved to me that they knew what they were doing so off they went to the office to create their lesson. It wasn’t until after school that I was able to view the video. While watching, I saw 2 misconceptions both students had. The upside to all this? Well, I can now go back tomorrow and target the misconceptions (with the whole class), because if these two have the wrong idea so does the rest of the class. And, they aren’t as proficient as I thought (or would like them to be). I guess it was a good learning day for us all.


Multiplying with Decimals (with misconceptions)

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