Google Sites: Add/Edit Sidebar Countdown

On my classroom website, I like to have a countdown for events. These might include Days until:

  • Conferences
  • Minimum days
  • Vacations
  • Breakout EDU sessions

Other ideas include:

  • End of semester
  • Days until a project is due
  • Meetings

Doing this is easy! Log into your site. Locate the ‘Gear’ and navigate to ‘Edit Site Layout’.


Once this option is selected, the top bar should show that you can now edit the Site layout. Next, locate ‘Sidebar’ and select the ‘+’ to insert a countdown.


This will then bring up a pop-out window. There will be several options to choose from such as Navigation, Text, and Countdown. Once you select Countdown, you will be able to configure your countdown. Name your event and set the date. When finished select ‘Ok’.


Now in the upper right corner, select ‘Close’ before exiting.


Once your Countdown has expired, setting the next one requires you to ‘Edit Site Layout’. Simply navigate towards the ‘Gear’, go down to ‘Edit Site Layout’, locate your expired Countdown, and hover your mouse. Notice the tag ‘Edit sidebar item’.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 4.41.43 PM

This will bring up the ‘Configure Countdown’ window. Identify your next Event and Event Date, select ‘ok’, then ‘Close’.

Happy counting!