MathReps: 1st Grade

Last year I created some 5th-grade math protocols. Simple pages students could fill in to help solidify and keep up previously learned skills. This year, I decided to create grades K – 8. A friend and I got together this weekend and hammered out the beginning of 1st grade. And, we gamified it! The directions and gameboards are in Google Slides. This allows you to copy it and customize it.

I also created a video, based on the 1st-grade teacher’s recommendation. Thank you Cris McKee!

I’d love to hear how you use it. Have suggestions for other 1st-grade MathReps? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


9 thoughts on “MathReps: 1st Grade

  1. Thank you soooooooooooo much for being willing to share your creations! I am a resource teacher, and have students needing all grade levels, so this is a great find for me! So appreciative of your hard work!

  2. First … THANK YOU for sharing your amazing resources! 🙂 We LOVE Math Reps!
    Second, can you clarify a little more on how this game-board is used. Are the students writing/recording their response on a reusable math reps sheet (with star-fish) as they land on each space indicated by the spinner? If they land on the same icon, are they recording a second time or erasing and re-recording? Just curious on how it all works. Thanks again!

    • You are very welcome! Keep an ear out for more information on the Math EduProtocols book. We should have a publication date soon!
      I’m a fan of reusable MathReps sheets. Placing them in a plastic, erasable sleeve works great. If they land on the same space that they have recorded on, have them erase and redo it. No harm in extra practice. That and I don’t like to make more work for myself!

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