Class Dojo

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 9.34.44 AM I was introduced to Class Dojo by a Kinder teacher who gave our staff some Professional Development about it. I thought it was great for younger grades, but how would 5th graders respond? So, I let the idea go. Then I started hearing about middle school teachers who used it. That’s when I became intrigued. If middle school students liked it, then 5th graders might be more responsive than I thought.

So here I am writing about how much my students, parents, and I LOVE Class Dojo! It took me a few years, but now I am a believer. I have students who check to see how many points they received. Others who see me get out my phone and get excited (or bummed if they’ve been off task) because they know points are coming. My students listen for the positive ‘ting’, change up their avatars (which are really cute), and expect to see the Class Dojo screen daily. Parents love the communication feature. Check out some of the messages I’ve received:

Class Dojo Parent Communication 1

Class Dojo Parent Communication 2And to make things interesting, students use their points to ‘buy’ prizes at a classroom auction. They bid on items with their points. They LOVE it.

Avatar 1I admit it, I was wrong. Class Dojo is great for any grade! This is why I’m sharing my #ClassDojoLove with everyone!


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