Adding Extensions to Google Chrome

So you’re new to Google Chrome and are ready to install some extensions. Great! On your Chrome Homepage, you will notice a ‘Store’ icon. Go ahead and choose ‘Store’.

Chrome Extensions

You now notice that you have several options. You can browse by categories, on the left, or you can browse suggestions on the right. You can also type in the name of a specific App or Extension. For this example, I want Webpage Screenshot.

Web Store Browse

After pressing Enter, I am given several options. Notice that I chose Extensions at the top of the page. When I did that, the Extension I wanted came right up. From here, I locate the blue ‘Add To Chrome’ button on the right, and choose it.

Adding Extension

Once I choose to add the Extension, a Pop-out appears and asks if I want to add the Extension. Since I do, I choose ‘Add’.

Add Webpage


My Extension is now added. I can see the small icon located at the top right corner of my page. Success!

Installed extension

And for those of you who also need to hear it, like me, here’s a video I made.

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