Google Hangouts

ImageRecently Google has opened up Google+ to K-12 schools. This was welcomed by many in my district and me. Since I teach in a K-8 district, the district wisely chose to open it for staff only, and keep it locked for our students — as they are under 13. Within a week of this happening, a friend and I got together and tried it out…with our classes. She teaches 4th and I teach 5th, and we are located across town from one another. We thought the kids would get a kick out of it. And of course they did.

Her class was learning how to multiply two digit numbers by two digit numbers. I had told her about the lattice method my class likes to use. She gave us a call to have one of my students show and explain the lattice method to her students. It was such a hit, one of her students HAD to show us how to do it their way. 

When all was said and done, the students got to say, “Hi” to one another. Many of them have been on sports teams or in plays together. They found it exciting to see their friends. It was such a hit, that we are now planning on having Hangouts a few times a month. 

Another great learning tool in our Google Apps arsenal!

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