Making Manipulatives

Last week I spoke with one of the first grade teachers. They are learning about 3D shapes. I asked if she had any, cuz ya know I had a plan. And she didn’t! Oddly this gave me a bit of a thrill. She was the same teacher that I would go to throughout the year and throw out tech ideas for her to try. And she would happily try them. So my plan…

Was to make her some with my 3D Printer! Is it wrong that I was thrilled I could do this (If it’s wrong, then I don’t want to be right). So that’s exactly what I did; I made her 3D shapes for her class.

It took a while, but the final ones were handed over today. She expressed her gratitude, and told me how much more meaningful the lessons have been for her students. She was telling me about a center she has where they have to classify the objects. And apparently, the blue ones are a big hit! Silly first graders.

Yeah, I’m lovin’ the printer and what it’s been able to do; in my classroom and for others.