Eff Teachers

The opinion heard around the internet. On Meghan Trainor’s podcast, Workin’ on It, she spoke with Trisha Paytas. She and her guest began speaking about schools. Megan stated that she was homeschooling her children. They also brought up issues like school shootings. Then, things took a turn. Trisha began talking about bullying. This led to teachers bullying kids. Which led to Meghan saying, “Fuck teachers, dude.” Without hesitation, without stuttering, and with her whole chest.

Needless to say, this didn’t sit well with teachers. Look, we know that not every teacher is amazing. We recognize that we are human and have bad days. We acknowledge we have made mistakes. We also apologize, stand in front of bullets, buy food and supplies for our students. To be so easily and quickly dismissed was hurtful. What’s even more hurtful are the hundreds of people who also feel this way about teachers.

There was an apology. After the backlash, after the podcast was edited, after the podcast went through production. But an apology was given.


Photo by Image Hunter on Pexels.com

Why is it so easy to trash teachers? Why are teachers expected to be superhuman? Why is it encouraged to give students grace, which we should, but not extend that same grace to teachers? Why am I now expected to understand that being shot while teaching is a ‘hazard of the job’? ⬅️That one is absurd!

I know the answer to most of these questions is politically motivated. But can we PLEASE leave politics out this? We are all doing our best.

Back to Meghan

Dear Meghan,

We appreciate your apology. You say that you weren’t talking about all teachers, but felt good enough with what you said to keep it in the published podcast. You say you respect us. You say you fight for teachers. How? How do you fight for us? I’ll admit that you may and I just haven’t seen the reciepts. I’m open to seeing what you have done. Will you now take up inititives to fight for our, and our students’, safety? Many times, I have told my students, “If you are really sorry, your behavior will change.” Many teachers will be watching to see if your behavior changes, Meghan.

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