A few weeks ago I was able to get together with a few of my closest #EdTech friends. I say friends, but really they are more like family. They are my tribe. I learn from them, I grow because of them, and THEY are my people.

This is my reflection.

It always takes me a bit to process all that I have seen, heard, and learned at one of these conferences. Not only was I able to learn from some of the best, innovative educators around, I was blessed to be able to share my love of #HyperMaps with others as well.


I believe this was my 8th year attending. A drop in the bucket as CUE is celebrating its 40th Anniversary. They did it up in style! There were many nods to the originating year: the logo, to the Alludo ‘Groove’ game, to the display at CUE Hub.

As a result of going, I am incorporating new techniques and strategies in my classroom. One such item is Classcraft. This is a behavior management/game/parent communication tool (and so much more). I had heard of it before but never took the time to check it out. As a part of the Groove game (which my competitive nature drives me to participate in), I checked it out. I was able to talk to co-founder Shawn Young and gain some further insight. Needless to say, I was intrigued and am giving it a go.

Another solution came in the form of a hallway chat with Sam Patterson. He is my go-to person for all things MakerSpace. I didn’t have a MakerSpace problem; I had a Genius Hour problem and KNEW Sam was the person who would have a solution. Sure enough, he did. For years I have struggled with the accountability and general planning (on my students’ part) with Genius Hour. Afte a quick hallway chat, my teaching partner (Bret Harrison) and I had our answer. Sam was kind enough to share his resources. Bret and I modified them for our needs and our first Genius Hour after CUE18 went way more smoothly! Thanks, Sam!

I was able to attend several sessions including Nicole Beardsley and Katie Herr’s on HyperDocs. Remember #FileMakeACopy. Then there was Kevin Fairchild’s Maps & Legends. Loved his non-linear presentation design. And I LOVED the openness of Jeremiah Ruesch‘s introduction of Wonder Dots. Great stuff for number sense and number talks! I also sat in on Tara Martin’s talk on BookSnaps. Wow! Such great ideas. And of course, I could never forget to mention the other amazing people I get to see: Nancy Minicozzi, Tracy Walker, John Miller, Lisa Delapo, Brian Briggs, Ryan O’Donnell, and the numerous others I am fortunate enough to call friends, inspirations, and colleagues.

There was a lot to absorb and I’m still taking it all in. I’m reviewing my notes and those of my colleagues. As always, this was an amazing time surrounded by amazing educators. Thank you all! See you next year!

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