California Teacher Summit

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This marked the 3rd year that California has invested in teachers in this way; a summit. This FREE event is held across the state, simultaneously. Held at California Universities, teachers come together to learn, grow, and become inspired.

This year, the keynote speaker was former VP first lady, Dr. Jill Biden. She spoke of her experiences as a teacher. How she was inspired by her grandmother and her grandmother’s brass bell. How after moving to Washington, D.C. she couldn’t leave teaching behind and taught at a community college. She spoke of the importance of education and the value that we as teachers bring to the profession. This speech was live streamed to all sites. I sat listening to her at CSUMB – California State University Monterey Bay.

This was the first year that I attended. I had registered for the previous two years, but due to vacations – just getting back a day or two before – I wasn’t able to attend. I had been too tired. However, this year was different. I was ready to go! And I’m glad I did.

The conference was from 8 – 12:30 pm. After the keynote, our first EdTalk was given by Mark Cisneros of Alisal High School. He spoke about Literacy. How literacy impacts our students; specifically our second language learners. And how we should feel passionate about what we teach. If we aren’t passionate and excited, the kids won’t be either.

Then, came my favorite part: EdCamp. Based on what WE wanted to talk about, learn about, share about, sessions were created. No presenters, just like minded teachers talking and learning from one another. Along with that, was a shared doc with notes for all sessions.

We then closed the day out with our second EdTalk. Alex Hofsteen, Internation School of Monterey,  shared his passion for teaching science in meaningful ways. Having the kids act out, create, and be hands-on in their own learning.

This was a great experience. Along with the learning, I was able to connect and grow my PLN. We’re all in this together. If you’re in California, looking into attending the event next year. It will be held Friday, July 27, 2018: It’s Personal.

Note: The two EdTalks were given by local teachers. Each site throughout the state had local teachers talk and share their knowledge and passion with others.

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