Google Classroom: Invite A Teacher

Working with our school’s RSP (Resource Specialist Provider) teacher has been great. She is an exceptional teacher who continues to help all her students. As a teacher who constantly uses Google Classroom and the Google suite of apps, I find it even easier to collaborate and work towards the same goal for my students with IEPs. Google Classroom allows me to share each classroom with other teachers. These co-teachers have the same abilities as I do within Classroom, with the exception of deleting the class.

Why would I want to share my class with another teacher? As a 5th grade teacher, some of my students receive extra services. By inviting the RSP teacher, we can better accommodate students’ needs. For example, my students are working on a collaborative project in Social Studies – Poetry Slam about Cortes and Montezuma. By allowing the RSP Teacher access, she can work, and review, her students’ writing and make modifications as needed because she has access to all the students’ work. In addition, there is never any question as to what we are doing in class. Thus, making her job that much easier. Each time a new assignment or announcement is posted, the RSP teacher receives an email. When a student submits a private comment to the teacher, we both receive it. The more teachers supporting our students the better!

To share your class with another teacher, log into Google Classroom. Navigate to the desired classroom you wish to share. Then, go to the ‘About’ page of that class. On the left side of the screen, there is an ‘Invite Teacher’ button.

Invite 1

A pop-out window appears next. You can now look up the desired teacher within your domain.

Invite 2

The final step is to ‘Invite’ the teacher. They will then receive an email notifying them that they have been invited to be a teacher for your class.

invite 3

Once they accept, their information will appear at the top of the classroom and on the side in the ‘About’ page.

Invite 4

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