Today was a GREAT day! I began my day by videotaping a 1st grade classroom. They each wrote a word on their white boards, stood in a single file line, and showed their word. They did all this without saying the words. Why? A fun way for this teacher to help her students practice their high frequency words.

It began yesterday at lunch when another 1st grade teacher made the comment that her students practiced their words on the computer (using a game). That got me thinking about what the students can do to be producers instead of consumers. My initial idea wasn’t great. It involved making a Google Slide then using TechSmith’s Snagit Chrome Extension (you also need the App), have the students read and record the words. Well, it was the best I had at the time, and sent an email to the Kinder and 1st grade teachers. I offered to help (my schedule gives me a bit of time to help on Wednesdays).

I was so pleased that one of the 1st grade teachers like the idea and wanted to take me up on it. So after school we met up and began brainstorming. This is where we came up with the idea of taping the students.

So this morning I walked into the classroom and the students were ready to go! We ended up taking 2 different videos, and will do more next week. The idea was to switch around the words so a different student held the word ‘horse’. Another teacher was inspired and approached me today. She would like to do this in her Kinder room; only she will write out the words for the students so that they are legible.

The beauty of this is that the students can have fun practicing words. We posted this on our Facebook Page and School Website. This way, parents can access the videos at home and practice the words with their child.

The best part? The two teachers who want to do this, are self-proclaimed non-techies. Neither of them are too comfortable with using technology in the classroom. This was a great way to get the ball rolling for them! I’m so excited about this, and for the teachers and their students.

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