Web 2.0 Tools

Web 2.0 Tools Bloom’s Taxonomy 


  • You will leave today with an understanding of Web 2.0 Tools
  • You will be able to implement at least one Web 2.0 Tool into your class
  • You will begin to create your own global PLN

What are Web 2.0 Tools? Simply put, they are tools that are web based (no program to download) that are interactive with the user. They can be accessed at anytime, from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. Instead of using the Internet to look up information and it being a one way process, today’s users interact with websites. We mold and shape the way the web is used and is evolving. We no longer are passive participants, we have become active participants.

This list is by no means a complete list. This will be an ever changing and evolving list. There are so many tools out there, you are bound to find the right ones for your needs.

Create Your Own Global PLN

Google+My Profile


PinterestMy Boards

LinkedinMy Profile

Classroom 2.0

The Educator’s PLN

Social Bookmarking


Diigo — My bookmarks

Discussion Ideas

Corkboard — online bulletin board

  • Can be used to organize summaries of a read aloud

Go Soap Box — Student response system used with smartphones, computers, and tablets

Lino — online sticky note & photo sharing

  • Can be used as a ‘ticket out the door’.

Socrative — Student response system used with smartphones, computers, and tablets

Tagxedo — Word clouds

  • Use as a visual for synonyms

Voicethread — Allows students to respond verbally. $70/year

Padlet (Formerly Wall Wisher) — online bulletin board. Can insert images and video

  • Collect informative information on what kids already know about a subject.

Wordle — Word Cloud

  • Create 2 wordles on 2 separate reading passages and use as compare/contrast.

Content and Assignment Delivery

Educreations — Create screencast videos on your iPad and upload.

Glogster — Graphic blog. Acts as a visual poster where images, text, and video can be displayed.

Go Animate — Create free animated videos. Check this out

Knowmia — Create screencast videos. Similar to Educreations with more bells and whistles.

Prezi — Cool presentation tool, not your same old power points! Here’s an example

Symphonical — Organizing your collaborations just got easier.

Trello — Task/project management

Xtranormal — Free animated videos

Vimeo — Great alternative to YouTube. Example

Voki — Customize, animate, and vocalize your avatar.

Audio & More Video

Animoto — Great 30 second (free) videos from your pictures like this

Screencast – o – matic — Free screen capture recording.

Soundcloud — Voice recording. Students can read stories that they’ve created. A few more options than Vocaroo.

Vocaroo — Voice recording service. Great for podcasting or fluency. Easy to use.


Dipity — View and create timelines. 2010 Year in Review

Gliffy — Great for mind maps and Venn Diagrams

Glogster — Graphic blog. Acts as a visual poster where images, text, and video can be displayed.

Google Draw — Found in your Google Drive. It’s simplified version of paintbrush. Great for Venn Diagrams.

Popplet — Mind maps, collaboration, and more


Blogger — This is a part of your GAFE (Google Apps For Education). If you have a Google email, you can have Blogger.

Edublogs — Easy to set up several blogs under one teacher (for a yearly fee $40).

Kidblog — This one is a great beginner blog for teachers and students. It is very user friendly.

Other Cool Tools

Class Dojo — Behavioral management system.

Dropbox — Online Web-based file system.

Evernote — Great for note taking and organizing.

Google Apps — Drive, YouTube, Calendar, Sites, Maps, Earth…

Scootpad — k-5 CCSS aligned. Asks questions and tracks progress.

Todays Meet — Great for backchanneling (real time discussions, questions, and comments during lessons)

You Need a Place to Store and Organize It All…

Edmodo — It’s sort of like Facebook, but safer and self contained.

Google Sites — Yes, it’s a part of your GAFE — this is mine (msnsclass.com)

Haiku Learning Management System

Moodle — A learning management system

Schoolology — A learning management system. Like Edmodo. WonderTech explains why she chooses Schoolology.

Weelby — Easy, friendly way to create a website

This was originally created for King City Union School District Inservice by Lisa Nowakowski for 1-23-13

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