Add-Ons – Google Documents

There are many additions that you can add to your Google Drive. For this post, I will specifically talk about Google Documents. An Add-on is simply a tool that makes your life easier. Some examples are: Easy-Bib, Doctopus (great for teacher management – EDU), and a thesaurus.

So how does one get Add-ons? Well, it’s super easy:

Add on 1

add on 2


You can scroll through the options or do a search in the search bar (upper right corner or pop-out menu).

add on 3


Once the desired Add-on is selected, you will need to add it. Simply select the blue ‘free’ (or if there is a cost, the amount will appear) bar located in the upper right corner of the pop-out menu.

add on 4


Another pop-out menu will appear. It will request that you accept their terms.


add on 5



Once you accept, the Add-on will be found under ‘Add-ons’ in the tool bar menu.

add on 6

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